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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love...a word with so many meanings

UPDATE: Thanks to all of you we made the goal! She will be receiving $500 today! The donation button is now gone. You can still purchase the set if you would like. Hope your Valentines is filled with as much love as you have shown here. You definitely deserve it!

Of course we love our family and our friends. But sometimes we feel love for people that we wouldn't even know if we saw them on the street. Yes, I mean our *on-line* friends. Because of the way they make us feel inside with their words of comfort, wisdom and thoughtfulness. Because of the way we see how they treat others. Because of the deep respect we have for them as they type those words that touch a certain place in our hearts. I think that is love too.

And there is someone that I want to give a little love back to right now for the person that they are. She is on the photography board 2peas that I participate in. Her sister is dying. And she lives too far away to go be with her. She only has this one sister and both of their parents have passed away. My heart is very heavy for her. So the first $500 of the following set I made below will go to her for a round trip airline ticket to go be with her beloved sister. But we have to act very, very fast since her sister doesn't have much time. I'm not really sure how much time since I don't want her to even know that I'm doing this. (I hope she doesn't read my blog!) So if you are also a member there, or you would like an awesome deal on some storyboards & elements that you can even use commercially...please pass this along to everyone you know. The whole set is only $25 Click Here to Purchase

All storyboards & elements are at 300dpi.

$25 Click Here to Purchase


6 10x8 Storyboards

5 20x8 Sister Cutout Storyboards

3 Sisters NameFrames in color

3 Sisters NameFrames in b/w

3 Sisters quotes in png format

6 FauxMetal sister charms

6 FauxMetal bead chain

$25 Click Here to Purchase


Heather February 15, 2010 at 9:46 AM  

I am so sorry I missed this, You have such a kind heart to do the things you do for others. I know you are as blessed to do them as those who receive them. Thanks again for being such a kind hearted person :-)