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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Friday Special!

Leave a comment! Share this post! For every 100 comments I will be randomly choosing a name for a FREE FairyTale Art! And make sure you check back on Friday for the BIG SALE!

Speaking of FairyTale Art...there will be a very special sale on those too!

Want to order someone a one of a kind piece of art featuring someone they love? Once Upon a FairyTale Art is just that! And you don't have to decide on the photo right now to cash in on the Black Friday special! You can print or email them this gift certificate that they can exchange for a FairyTale Art!

Still need to do some last minute gifts? How about a calendar? Print this yourself at home or have it printed online. It will literally take you minutes to drop your images in & have it ready for printing! If you don't want a calendar there are plenty of elements to make an awesome photo book! This will be THE best digital deal for CU you will find anywhere for this holiday season!

Any one of these digital templates will give you many options for creating calendars, books, cards or storyboards. The great thing about this sale is you don't have to pick just one! You will receive all four of them for $25! This includes a commercial use license as long as all of the layers are flattened! For this price you might want to order more than one for the digital scrapbookers or photographers on your list!

And because I want you to know the quality of elements you are getting you are invited to download & print up a sample of each style from these templates. (Just right click & save as png so you maintain the original transparency)


Includes: 8x8 Book Cover (front, back & spine) * 1 frame * 12 months & 2010 elements * 2 blank pages * 2 blank frame pages * 12 monthly framed pages


Includes: 8x8 Book Cover (front, back & spine) * 2 frames * 12 months & 2010 elements * 1 blank page * 1 blank frame page * 12 monthly framed pages


Includes: 8x8 Book Cover (front, back & spine) * 12 months & 2010 elements * 1 blank page * 1 blank frame page * 12 monthly framed pages * photo corners * fasteners * family/friend/blank charms (match the month charms in style)

This is NOT your normal calendar! It can be used as a planner for any year, a place to keep track of your birthdays & special occasions, or even as a journal! Very versatile.

Includes: 8x8 Book Cover (front, back & spine) * 17 charms * photo corner * bookplate * fastener * chipboard months * 14 word art quotes * lined page with frame for 29 days * lined page with frame for 30 days * lined page with frame for 31 days * lined address page * blank page * lined page * frame page w/1 frame * frame page w/2 frames * frame page w/3 frames


(A very special thank you to miss H's mommy! She will be getting one of these books as an extra special thanks for the use of her photos)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A different kind of Name Frame!

Order a custom OUAFT Name Now for only $30

Want your own? You will receive an 8x10 @ 300dpi digital file so you can print these as many times as you want! Crop them down & use them for Christmas cards if you would like.

$30 per name/word with one person per name. If you purchase more than one name you can have all of them done in one name/word for free!

Order a custom OUAFT Name Now